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How I Work

The way the crow flies.

My therapeutic style is thoughtful, playful, and direct. We will get right to the heart of your work. I work with individuals and relationships.

Individual Therapy:

Together we will gather your strengths and resources and visit the challenges and difficulties. Through our work you will have more skill and grace to meet yourself and others in what was once before met with fight, flight or freeze.   Your emotional range will be increased. We will pay attention to the emotions you welcome and the ones you don’t. Fear, insecurities, confusion, jealousy, anger will have a place at the table and something to say. With a renewed connection to your strengths,  you will have more ability to listen to and work with these emotions that you have had difficulty welcoming.  Using your emotions, mind, and body in new skilled and conscious ways, what you once experienced as anxiety, trauma and depression, will have a very different meaning.


Couples and Relational Therapy:

We often fall in love with some of the differences of our loved ones; yet somewhere along the way the differences begin to feel like the problem. Whether we are talking about your intimate relationships, work, neighbors, family, communities, cultures and spiritual practices we will have inner and external peace when we can stay connected to our self and others in moments of confusion, disagreement, hurt and discomfort.

Individuals and couples come to therapy when something in their life isn’t working. I enjoy being able to work  with individuals, couples, families, and romantic relationships of all configurations.  I bring an integrative approach that works best for you. This may include exploring: somatic/emotional/cognitive intelligences; psychobiology and the autonomic nervous system; attachment theory; family and systems theory; multicultural frameworks; and the impact of systematic oppression on all.

I work with a social justice lens—- understanding the impact of trauma and oppression on all people and its effect on our psyche and society.   The constraints of trauma and oppression are real and we will explore how to live more freely – of mind, body, emotion, and behavior.

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